Product Support

Anewin products come with extensive documentation to help our customers be successful using our products. This includes user manuals and reference documents. Application software for all MicroBench products includes a Help menu. Within this menu, you can click on Quick Help for immediate assistance with the tool being used. Quick Help provides information on the graphical user interface, menus, and descriptions of functionality.

Many product features are accessed by a context-sensitive mouse double-click or right-click, so if you are looking for something, try a double-click or right-click in various places on the screen. A right-click often activates a pop-up menu of options.

If you have questions about the features of our products or their operation, please contact us using one of the methods on our Contact Anewin page.

Customer Feedback

The Anewin team is always eager to hear your feedback or concerns. Our customers success is critical to our success. Please provide feedback using the methods provided on our Contact Anewin page.

Anewin Limited Warranty and Extended Protection

All Anewin hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Obtaining Service

Please access and review Anewin's online help resources and any documentation for the product before requesting service. If the product is still not functioning properly for you after making use of these resources, please contact Anewin. Anewin will determine whether your product requires service, and, if it does, will inform you how Anewin will provide it. We ask that you assist in diagnosing issues with your product and follow Anewin’s warranty processes.