August 2018

Fall is on its way!

BIG Changes on their way!

We have been working for the last year to deliver an updated version of our product. We have upgraded the look and feel and added many software enhancements in this release. The new product has been re-branded "FiveWire" and we are very excited at it's introduction

The list of new features includes

  • New mechanical packaging that is lighter and more compact
  • Updated software application with the ability to stretch windows
  • Enhanced Live Logic triggering and waveform analysis
  • Improved Logic Analyzer display and better protocol decode capabilities
  • A new 'C' like scripting language
  • An updated and enhanced protocol decode language to make customization simpler

Because of the extensive changes, the new FiveWire software application is not backward compatible with legacy MB-500 saved setups. Contact Anewin if you need to migrate legacy MB-500 files to the new FiveWire product.