MicroBench MB-500 Pro Package $1,795

The MicroBench MB-500 Pro Package includes:

  • MB-500 Instrument with five Tools: Live Logic, Waveform Source, Logic Analyzer, Logic Source, I2C Protocol
  • Two 10X 100MHz Scope Probes
  • Logic Analyzer, Logic Source, I2C Protocol
  • Application software
  • Scripting Language Automation
  • Wall outlet power adapter
  • USB cable

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MicroBench MB-500 layout with attached probes

MicroBench MB-500 Pro Package$ 1,795




MicroBench MB-500 instrument with SPI and I2C Master/Slave, Waveform Source, Logic Source, Live Logic, Logic Analyzer, Trigger Probe, Automation Tools.

MicroBench MB-500 Protocol Image

MicroBench SPI Protocol Device Probe$   95




MicroBench SPI protocol master/slave emulation with associated software and barrel connector probe

MicroBench MB-500 Protocol Image

MicroBench Trigger I/O Protocol Probe$   95




MicroBench Trigger I/O protocol tool provides three trigger inputs and three trigger outputs.

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