MicroBench MB-500 Waveform Source user application window

Waveform Source
The Waveform Source is an arbitrary waveform generator that generates a 10 bit, 0-5 volt analog output. Standard waveform types, sine, triangle, and pulse can be parametrically generated in the Waveform Source window. Unique waveforms such as RC and Battery emulation are also provided. Waveforms are drawn in the waveform display to verify the selection.

Supply and Battery Emulation
The output amplifier of the Waveform Source is designed to source up to 100 mA and be stable when driving heavily capacitive loads. This allows it to be used as a programmable DC power supply. Standard battery discharge curves are provided allowing testing of a devices behavior as its battery discharges without waiting for an actual battery to become exhausted.

Custom Waveforms
The analog waveform produced by the Waveform Source is defined by a 10 bit pattern memory up to 1,020 vectors deep, each with a specified duration between 1μs and 16s. Waveform patterns are output in sequence but can include looping, conditional/unconditional branches, and trigger output statements. Waveform pattern files are saved and loaded in CSV format. Custom analog waveforms can be generated using spreadsheet equations and then loaded into the Waveform Source pattern memory. The custom waveform is displayed in the Waveform Display window when loaded.

Triggered Output
Waveform patterns can include unconditional or conditional branches. Unconditional branches support a continuous output signal. Conditional branches allow the waveform to be generated once, each time a trigger is received. Other more complex waveform types can be generated using branching and looping commands.