MicroBench MB-500 Logic Source user application window with digital pattern editor

Logic Source
The Logic Source provides 9-channels of 100MS/s digital pattern generation. It utilizes the 0.5 Meter Logic Source probe with controlled output slew rates for easy connection your circuit. Up to a 1,020 pattern vectors can be programmed, each with a specified duration between 30 ns and 40 ms (milli-seconds) with 10 ns of timing resolution. Patterns are output in sequence but can include looping, conditional/unconditional branches, and trigger output statements.

Programmable Logic Levels
The Logic high and logic low output voltages are programmable to from 0 to 4.5 volts supporting all CMOS logic types. Outputs are protected against short circuits and static discharge. Output slew rates are controlled to eliminate signal integrity issues.

Pattern Editor

A convenient pattern editor is provided in the Logic Source application window. Binary and hexadecimal editing makes it easy to create test patterns. Block editing provides easy creation of count patterns or clocks.

Triggered Execution

Pattern execution includes several modes. A pattern can be executed just once when the Run button is pressed or when a trigger is received. The pattern can also loop indefinitely producing a continuous output. A pattern can also run once for each trigger received. Full control of looping and branching is provided to the user in custom mode.

Saved Patterns
Logic Source patterns can be saved by selecting File, Save As... in the Logic Source tool window. Patterns are saved to a CSV file and can also be opened in a spreadsheet. Custom patterns can be generated within a spreadsheet or a custom program and loaded into the Logic Source for execution.