MicroBench MB-500 Logic Analyzer user application window with timing display

Logic Analyzer
The Logic Analyzer tool provides 9-channels of 100MS/s digital capture. It utilizes the 0.5 Meter Logic Analyzer probe with an input impedance > 1MΩ for easy connection your logic signals. Captured data are displayed in timing diagram format. Time based acquisition provides 10ns resoltion regardless of the time span acquired. For example, you can capture several I2C transactions that happen only once each second and still resolve edge times to 10ns.

The Logic Analyzer provides powerful time based triggering. Up to 3 triggers may be defined. Each trigger can watch for a logical combination of the input signal including don't care bits. In addition, the trigger can be conditional on minimum and maximum time durations that the selected value must exist to satisfy the trigger. For example, you can set a trigger to watch a 1 MHz clock signal and only trigger if its duty cycle exceeds a 45-55% specification limit. System triggers may also be selected for any of the trigger levels.

Waveform Annotations
After you have captured a waveform, display annotations can be added to highlight specific signal characteristics. Annotations include time marks, notation marks, or comments which display at the bottom of the waveform.

Protocol Decode
Protocol decode annotations can be generated automatically using one of the protocol decoders. Logic Analyzer includes decoders for I2C, SPI, RS232, and Value. Decode annotations can be customized for your application by writing your own decode definition scripts.

Saved Waveforms
Captured waveforms can be saved by selecting File, Save As... in the Logic Analyzer tool window. All data and display annotations are saved to a CSV file. The Logic Analyzer CSV file can be opened at any time using the MB-500 application - the MB-500 instrument does not need to be connected to view waveforms. The waveform CSV can also be opened in a spreadsheet or custom program to do further timing analysis.