MicroBench MB-500 product front panel with seven tools in one affordable instrument

MicroBench MB-500

MB-500 Instrument System

The MB-500 integrates five independent instruments into a single architecture controlled by a host PC. The MB-500 PC application controls the MB-500 instruments via a standard USB cable. Some of the instrument functions can also be controlled using convenient front panel controls.

Data acquisition and generation
Each of the MB-500 instruments contain the real-time hardware which generates source data or captures acquisition data. The MB-500 instruments do not depend on the PC or USB connection for data generation or capture. All instruments are clocked by a common 100 MHz system clock. Live Logic multiplies this clock by 4 to achieve a 2.5 ns acquisition resolution.

All MB-500 instruments can generate a trigger or respond to a trigger from another instrument or external trigger input. Tools that source data provide the ability to generate a trigger on a selected output vector. These tools include a conditional branching based on a selected trigger input. Acquisition tools generate a trigger based on their programmed trigger condition. They can accept external triggers to satisfy their trigger condition.

The trigger system is fully integrated into the MB-500 instrument. Input triggers are selected in the individual tool window menus. Output triggers come from the acquisition trigger condition or are set on an output vector for data source tools. A manual trigger can be generated from the front panel System button or System Window System button. Triggers can be routed to the outside world using the Trigger Protocol tool and probe.

Commercial grade quality
The MB-500 is designed to be a serious engineering tool. All inputs are protected against over-voltage and static discharge. Outputs are protected against shorts, connection to supplies, as well as static discharge. High speed signal paths include 18 inch probes with impedance control and lead sets with barrel connectors. Live Logic includes two 100 MHz 10X scope probes. The sturdy metal stand provides convenient access and a solid feel. The aluminum instrument case provides robust protection for years of service.