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Providing Tools for Embedded Engineers

MicroBench MB-500 to test and debug embedded digital system

MicroBench MB-500 a complete digital tool set

Five Tools in One Affordable Instrument:

  • Live Logic - Two channel, 400Ms digital capture using scope probes. Includes activity LED and DVM allowing you to quickly browse your signals
  • Logic Analyzer - 9 Channel 100Ms digital capture with sophisticated triggering
  • Logic Source - 9 Channel 100Ms pattern generator with settable high and low logic levels
  • Waveform Source - Arbitrary waveform generator with waveform synthesis
  • Protocol test - Master or Slave controller for I2C or SPI or trigger I/O

The MB-500 includes 5 tools every digital designer should have

Live Logic, Logic Source, Waveform Source, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Master/Slave

Capture signals that are hard to see with a scope

20 second capture of I2C signal

Capture 20 seconds of I2C activity using Live Logic

And see the details of every transaction

Zoom in on I2C transactopm

Zoom in on any transaction in the 20 second acquisition to see the detail

And make measurements with 2.5ns resolution

I2C Measurement

Measure SDA to SCK time using A/B marks

Use the Logic Source to take control of your inputs

Logic Source pattern

Define a series of strobes with Logic Source

Logic Source output waveform

Generated waveform from Logic Source

Use the Waveform Source to create custom analog waveforms

Waveform Source standard waveforms

Select standard waveforms using Waveform Source

Waveform Source custom waveform

Or create your own using a spreadsheet

Use the Logic Analyzer to see relationships between signals

Logic Analyser Waveform

I2C data transaction is output to RS-232 port, captured using Logic Analyzer

Take control of your I2C bus

I2C Master pattern

Read the RTC time using I2C Protocol master

Developed for embedded designers
The MB-500 was developed to help embedded designers solve real world problems. It provides a compliment to the microcontroller software tool suite by providing real-time trace and control for prototype development and debug. The MB-500 can simulate missing elements of your design during early prototype development. You can verify the operation of key components, stimulating their I/O before committing your design to hardware. As your design matures, the MB-500 can provide verification of peripheral module operation measuring baud rates, pulse widths, or the time the microcontroller spends in sleep mode.

Application software that's easy to use
The MB-500 application software was designed to provide straight forward control of the MB-500 tools, letting you focus on your design. Each MB-500 tool has its own user interface window. You only open the tools you are using and can minimize tool windows once the tool is configured to clear space on your screen. Front panel button controls are provided for times when you are holding a probe and reaching for a mouse is difficult.

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Do more with your data
The MB-500 application software provides many ways to document your design or do further analysis on acquired data. Acquired data can be annotated with comments and time marks. Each tool window provides a Copy Window control, capturing the tool window to the clipboard, allowing screen shots to be easily added to your documentation.

All captured data and source pattern files are stored in a convenient CSV format that can be imported to a spreadsheet for further analysis. Custom pattern files can be created in a spreadsheet and exported to an MB-500 source. You can email your acquired waveforms and pattern files to colleagues. They can open these files with the MB-500 application in view mode and can review and analyze the data you provided.

Learn more about the MB500
Visit the products pages to learn more about each of the MB-500 tool features or download the User Manual for a complete description. You can download the MB-500 software for a test drive or contact us via a call-back or email.