December 2013

Winter has arrived!

MB-500 Application software update

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Our December SW release v1.4.0 adds named views to Live Logic and Logic Analyzer

When you have a view on your data that you like, you can save the view by right-clicking the waveform window and selecting Save View. Enter a name for your view and it is added to your data. Later you can restore that view by by right-clicking the waveform window, select Show View, and then select your view from the list of views you have saved. Don't forget to save your setup so the next time you start the MB-500 application, your view will be available.

We have also included a new, user friendly way to learn about the MB-500. When you install the MB-500 software, an example setup is included. In the System Window, select the File Open menu. Then double-click on the example folder and click Open. The example setup opens 5 tools with example data and annotations. It also opens an Example Overview window with instructions to help you explore the MB-500 tool set. An image of the MB-500 front panel is also opened for reference.

Our August SW release v1.3.1 adds many new features to the Live logic and Logic Analyzer tools

  • New measurements: Frequency, Period, Pulse Width, and Duty cycle (Live Logic only)
  • Channel selective snap-to-edge for easier placement of marks
  • New trigger positioning control: Begin, Middle, End
  • Automatic refresh of decode marks for each acquisition
  • New accelerator key 't' to quickly set time marks
  • New accelerator key 'u' removes the last mark that was set
  • New accelerator key '/' toggles A-B mark measurement between time and frequency
  • New accelerator keys '1' and '2' to select Live Logic measurement
  • Eliminated display flicker in Live Logic and Logic Analyzer
  • Updated documentation
  • Bug fixes

Updated Users Manual and Script Reference

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Full descriptions of new features and capabilities